Glamping in the Desert

Let the timeless sands sweep you away into a magical experience in the middle of the desert as you go glamping under the starry skies. Soak in the mystique and romance of the desert in style when you stay at a luxury camp set in the middle of endless dunes, stretching as far as the eye can see. Watch the sun sail across the clear skies as it rises and sets amidst the shimmering sands turning the entire world awash with brilliant colours at dusk and dawn.

Relax in the comfortable bedrooms of our luxurious tents whose cushy beds have smooth duvets, and pillows atop the cotton sheet covered springy mattress. Each bedroom is accompanied with a separate bathroom tent positioned close-by. The bathrooms are equipped with ‘African style long drop’ toilets covered by a wooden seat, gravity-fed showers and heated water upon request.

Discover a range of exciting activities and exquisite enchantments when you immerse yourself in a world of serenity and luxury on your unplugged vacation at our luxury camps. During your desert vacation you will only get access to good signal when travelling durign the daytime, as there is no mobile phone signal availble in the desert. Lose yourself in the communal area under the shade of the large majlis tent with Arabic style seating where you can lounge at and unwind over a selection of soft drinks while taking part in one of the many board games available or just pick up a booking of your choosing for our collection. Take part in a wide variety of outdoor games or find your ideal sandboard before going enjoying the breathtaking sights of the night skies being lit up with the twinkling stars. On certain nights with plenty of guests we organise entertainment that will have you enthralled.

Sample a host of delicious dishes prepared by the chef accompanying you to the camp who will prepare a selection of scrumptious options for breakfast and dinner that will leave you craving for more of his fantastic creations. Let us know in advance during the booking process if you have any specific dietary requirements or food allergies so we can accommodate the same.

 Come experience the desert like never before while glamping at Arabian Nights Resort and Spa.