Why You Must Try Glamping in the Desert at Oman

Aug 10, 2022

The Sultanate of Oman is awash with attractions and natural scenery, and is fast becoming an upcoming tourist destination with more and more travellers visiting it each year. With the number of travellers placing it near the top of their bucket lists growing for leisure travellers, Fringed with water and peppered with Wadis and vast stretches of desert sands, Oman is becoming a sought-after destination for rich historical, nature and desert travel experiences. With a variety of safaris, camel tours and unforgettable glamping in the Al Sharqiya sand dunes, Oman’s fascinating natural landscapes makes it a must for outdoor adventure fans, especially those that wish to experience the desert in its complete glory.

If you’re seeking peace to feel captivated by nature, glamping in the Oman desert during a stay at the Arabian Nights Resort & Spa is the best way to enjoy the most amazing of stays. Set right in the middle of endless undulating sand dunes, our campground with luxury tents lets you absorb the desert vibes in the vast remoteness, an experience like no other.

From when the first rays of the sun hit the sand to sunset, the colour of the dunes is constantly changing, from bright gold and oranges to vivid pinks and purples. The AL Sharqiya desert’s colours and textures are stunning and sure to take your breath away.

Desert camping is one of the most important pieces of the traditional Bedouin culture of Oman. Add a little touch of luxury to it and you’re ready to have one of the most magical experiences in Oman.

During daytime visitors can set out on one of the many excursions available at the camps such as a quad and camel rides or simply lounge at the camp and enjoy their stay in the heart of the desert. In the evening one will be able to indulge in Bedouin cuisine by candlelight and even go for a stroll in the desert underneath a sky full of stars.

Our Al Sharqiya campground can accommodate larger groups, and we also offer options that can be great for conferences, team-building activities and family celebrations. Sit in the communal area under the shade of the large majlis tent with Arabic style seating where you can unwind over a selection of soft drinks while taking part in one of the many board games available or just pick up a booking of your choosing for our collection. Adopting aspects of the traditional nomad tents, our luxury Al Sharqiya Desert glamping camps provides a modern take on desert camping making for a convenience enhanced and super comfortable stay.

The tents are outfitted with furniture, private bedrooms and bathrooms, with super comfortable mattresses so you can enjoy a relaxed sleep and wake up refreshed. In addition to that, our meals prepared by our chef offers traditional and modern takes on international cuisines, as well as exceptional Omani dishes for your ultimate five-star experience.

A serene stay set amidst stunningly breathtaking landscapes, away from the busting noise, traffic and stresses of city life, is a break that will refresh your mind and soul. If you feel adventurous enough to venture out into the desert, but you’d rather enjoy it without compromising the comfort of your stay, the Arabian Nights Resort & Spa can arrange for Al Sharqiya Desert glamping experience with just that type of accommodation.

Even the choosiest of travellers will enjoy this glamping getaway in Oman which offers the ultimate relaxation and privacy with all the conveniences that one could desire.

Live the adventure by going Desert glamping in Oman with our expert guides who will make sure your desert tours will make amazing, one-of-a-kind experiences to cherish for a lifetime. After your daily adventures in the Al Sharqiya dunes, watch the sunset mellowing to pink and purple and the desert sands casting ever changing shadows covered by a variety of hues reflecting from the setting sun. Live out your childhood desires of sitting by the campfire in the vast desert or find a perfect stargazing spot. Our guests say the stars are incredible here and a sight unlike anything they’ve seen before.

That’s what sets glamping apart from any standard desert safari tours – you get to actually live the adventure that lasts for days and turns into a multisensory experience. If you’ve ever wanted to experience wanderlust in the desert dust, discover it when glamping in the Wahiba desert with Arabian Nights Resort and Spa.