The Best Desert Resort in Oman To Escape the Crowds

Jul 09, 2022

Oman has something for every kind of visitor and one such offering of the country is the chance to stay in the middle of the desert at the Sharqiya sands whether you choose to stay in the lap of luxury at the best desert resort in Oman, or your stay is meant to be reminiscent of a bygone era and times long past. So if you are someone who wants to look beyond the usual hotels, you should head to Arabian Nights Resort and Spa, a desert resort that promises a one-of-a-kind stay.
A secluded oasis in the desert, Arabian Nights resort and Spa is a magical experience redolent of the romance of the desert—you're surrounded by dunes as far as the eye can see. Reminiscent of a traditional Bedouin village, the resort sits among the incredible rolling red and orange dunes of Sharqiya Sands, which extend over an area of more than ten thousand square kilometres. Although it's about 200 km from the Muscat Airport, this property is worth the trip. From the moment that you enter the resort you can see why: the setting is unique, the service is impeccable and the great attention to detail that has been paid to every aspect of the resort is evident. The high arches lining the way approaching the parking bay sets the scene for the enchantment to come, which continues in the stunning lobby and pervades every inch of the public spaces and guest rooms.

Whilst the resort is very luxurious and modern, Arabian Nights resort and Spa has kept many traditional aspects from the local Bedouin culture. All the throwback to Oman’s ancient culture make one feel that they are taking a step back into ancient times with the traditional Arabian vibes. The architecture of the hotel takes inspiration from the typical and traditional houses from the region – this was how houses used to be built back in the day and you can really feel a strong sense of Omani history and heritage here. Overall the rooms and suites are spacious, with private sit out areas and the decor throughout features subtle earth tones and contemporary Islamic-inspired furnishings.

At Rimaal, the resorts main restaurant, you can enjoy an enchanting dinner indoors in the lavishly decorated dining area or under the stars with nothing but the vast dunes surroundings the sresort for as far as the eye can see—a restaurant experience that is hard to top and one you that is difficult to duplicate elsewhere. While Rimaal, specializes in international and Omani fare; __is a casual poolside option that's great for sundowners. Breakfast, is an expansive offering with eggs, Arabic specialties, breads, fresh fruits and juices, and more.

The outdoor pool, is a welcome place to cool off in the middle of the Sharquiya desert. There's a shaded poolside seating where one can sit back and relax. The Spa is worth checking out; the menu is extensive and the setting is beautiful. And finally, no visit to the Sharquira sands would be complete without immersing yourself in a desert experience, from sunset tours to desert safaris.

The host of experiences to try here from the dune bashing to camel rides to sunset tours, and other exciting desert activities to try in the Wahiba sands leaves travellers with much to explore. Nature lovers enamored with the vast desert landscape, and couples, solo travelers, and families with young children will also find things to enjoy for everyone here.

Even though it is located in the middle of the desert there are so many trees, plants, and beautiful features scattered around the resort. Arabian Nights Resort and Spa is truly a desert oasis and there is enough to keep you entertained for several days here making it one of the most incredible resorts in the world, with fantastic landscapings, unmatchable luxury, and undeniable culture all in the one location.