Plan a Weekend Getaway From Muscat at This Desert Resort

Feb 07, 2023

These days many individuals think that the desert's pristine, unpolluted air makes it the ideal place to visit, particularly in these post-Covid days.  So stay safe and vacation away from the crowds. Check out this desert staycation option in Oman, where you can enjoy the desert.

Located just 199 km from Muscat far into the desert sands, the resort is the perfect spot for a weekend away to relax and recharge whilst still having fun. The resort features everything you need for a memorable vacation, including modern villas and suites, restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, and amenities and activities suitable for all family members.

This luxurious Oman Desert Resort is no less than a mirage amidst golden sand dunes. Arabian Nights Resort & Spa is the place to be if you want to explore Oman beyond city lights. Located two and a half hours from Muscat, this oasis of luxury hosts a number of standalone suites, with stunning views of the endless dunes. The resort comes with immersive experiences such as camel rides and star gazing opportunities. You can also enjoy desert safari or try your hands at exciting desert sports like desert driving, fat bike riding, sand boarding and more in this iconic resort.

Soak in the oozing opulence of Arabian heritage in a suite, with beautifully crafted washroom, along with a private sitting area. There is a sustainability check on everything and the property is eco-friendly. The resort is sprawled across a tiny green patch in the desert. To get there, you need a vehicle with four wheel drive to cross the 27 kilometres from Bidiyah through the desert sands and wilderness paths.


Do you want to camp in luxury under the stars or by the shore? You can opt for a camping experience at Sharqiya sands that will make all those glamping (glamorous camping) fantasies come true. With a variety of different camping options.The tents are made of material that will cater to Gulf’s extreme climate and boast comfortable bedding, outdoor seating, private bath, along with stunning views of the desert. 


There are a lot of activities to choose from. Play games in the common area, hone your creative skills, visit bedouin homes to learn more about their heritage, or just enjoy the stunning night sky. If you are someone who always binge-watches while eating, well congratulations you have a range of choice in where to set up from the bar by the pool, the restaurant offering indoor and outdoor seating and desert dining options. You are in for a real-time look at a vast desert landscape against a star-filled moonlit sky. As the sun sets, head over to the poolside bar or chill beside a bonfire, amidst the stunning backdrop. The bar serves a quirky range of drinks and also has an outdoor dining area where the chef cooks up lip-smacking dinner options.


To all the water babies it will be slightly difficult to contain your excitement because there is a gorgeous pool within the premises right in the middle of the desert.


Travellers looking for some adrenaline rush and Instagram-worthy photographs set out for a desert safari or camel ride. Once all the daytime activities have you knackered, relax and unwind at the resort.


Arabian Nights Resort & Spa is a perfect getaway for couples. Don't take our word for it, but you trust facts, right? It's been rated 9.3/10 by couples for a two-person trip on  There are so many activities to enjoy making Arabian Nights Resort & Spa a great choice for families with children as well.


It's a beautiful couple of hours drive from the Muscat International Airport and the Muscat city centre as well. You can book pickups and drops to the resort at an additional cost by connecting with them prior.


The Salalah International Airport is located a little further away and is a fair drive from the resort so if you are visiting from that side it may be better to keep a few days to make the journey and back.


You should plan your vacation from September to April. Oman’s weather gets gentle with a soothing breeze during these months, so travellers also get to enjoy outdoor activities in full swing.


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