Exciting Activities to Try on Your Desert Holiday At Al Sharqiya Sands

Aug 12, 2022

A holiday in the Oman desert at the Al Sharqiya sands offers much to explore. When you head out into the desert the endless rippling dunes may seem like they stretch forever with no interruptions and continued monotony but there is a lot to experience in those dunes.

Dune Bashing

If you are ever in the Al Sharqiya sands in Oman you must go dune bashing on a Desert Safari. Regardless of whether or not you are a thrill seeker at heart, dune bashing in the Al Sharqiya sands is a great way to go exploring the vast sands and have some fun. Drifting over the soft dunes of the Wahiba desert continues to top most traveller’s bucket lists because it truly is a thrilling experience.

Dune bashing in the Al Sharqiya sands means driving while constantly increasing or decreasing speeds over the sand dunes. The sandy surface of the dunes is always shifting, meaning that it takes a quite some skill and a particular type of car to navigate the terrain – ideally a sports utility vehicle. To add to the experience, you are surrounded by a plethora of dune bashing locations, and other exciting activities like camel rides, dinner in a Bedouin-style camp and much more.

Camel Rides

A Camel Desert Safari is the most traditional way to explore the Al Sharqiya sands desert. Experience the desert by travelling via a traditional camel ride and discover why the early nomadic Bedouin relied on these incredible creatures. Those worried should know that most camel ride operators follow strict animal welfare guidelines and offer ethical Camel Safaris in the Al Sharqiya sands.

Camels are how the ancients traversed the desert and are still known as the ship of the desert because of the ease by which they elegantly stride across the sandy dunes. Experience a significant part of Omani culture as your journey through the desert traces the footsteps of Bedouin travellers and leads you to the depths of the desert dunes.

As the evening progresses watch the Arabian sun set behind undulating dunes, as you take in the stunning vistas of the desert landscape. Get great photo opportunities with the sun setting over the majestic dunes.


Sandboarding in the Al Sharqiya sands is one of the most sought after adventure sports in the city. Taking place in the dramatic deserts is the Al Sharqiya sands, sandboarding has gained an immense popularity in recent years, along with the Al Sharqiya sands desert safaris.

The abundance of mighty sand dunes with varying heights and slopes have helped make the Al Sharqiya sands a fantastic place for a variety of desert-based adventure sports. If you're planning to stay in the area or even visit near the Al Sharqiya sands you should try your hand at sandboarding here. We will tell you how to best enjoy the Al Sharqiya sands Sand Boarding experience and let you know all there is to know about this unique desert adventure sport. Sandboarding in the Al Sharqiya sands is a desert based activity that involves sliding down the slopes of a desert dune on specially adapted boards fastened to your feet, much like snowboarding. Thanks to the Al Sharqiya sands’s natural topography and climate, sand-boarding in the Al Sharqiya sands can be experienced throughout the year. From atop the dunes, some of which can rise incredibly high, you slide over the sand just as you do on snow. Sandboarding can be tried by all age groups and is absolutely safe with very few dangers and experience required— The only thing you are required to do is  strap your feet into the foot grips of the sand-board and then go easily sliding down sand dunes. When you compare sandboarding to other desert sports, it is one of the safest and easiest ones to do. You do not need to have any special skills or experience, all you need to do is, grab a board, walk up the sand dune, strap it onto your feet and let go!
While most desert sports in the Al Sharqiya sands are tandem, sandboarding is one of the few solo sports that does not require another person's help or accompaniment making it ideal for everyone to try, especially Solo travellers.

Star Gazing

The best way to learn about the Arabian night sky is by venturing into the Al Sharqiya desert for a stay amidst the vast dunes for an immersive astronomy session. Explore the desert after dark during your stay in the Wahiba desert or enjoy a nocturnal eco-walk.

Relax in a peaceful oasis at the Arabian Nights Resort and Spa, enjoy the stunning vistas of the starlit skies and savour a delicious three-course dinner featuring Omani dishes. The evening has but started when the last rays of the sun disappear, turning the gorgeous skies an inky blue canvas studded with sparkling stars and other heavenly wonders. Take a journey through the galaxies and learn about the starry sky and how the Bedouin used it to find their way.


Should you wish to experience the desert in the more traditional way, you should opt for a traditional overnight experience in authentic tents, followed by a lavish breakfast the following morning. The only difference being that this glamping experience with luxurious fittings and trimmings will not be anywhere as rustic as the original desert dwellers lived.

Visit a Bedouin House

Learn more about the desert and it’s people by visiting the home of one of the Bedouin’s whose tribe have lived in the desert for centuries braving its harsh realities and surviving in this difficult terrain.

Quad Bike Riding

Enjoy rushing through the desert sands on a quad bike at the Al Sharqiya sands for a thrilling experience in the dunes.


There is all this and many more activities to enjoy during your stay at the Al Sharqiya sands. Come discover it all.