Desert Spa Vacation at the Wahiba Sands

Aug 16, 2023

Fascinating, enchanting, and of massive proportions, the Wahiba Sands Desert is the epitome of desert landscapes. It is on this boundless horizon that the Arabian Nights Resort and Spa in Oman nestles into the dramatic dunes, at one of the most stunning settings with a panorama where fiery sunsets meld into the warm yellow dunes before turning into an inky sky scattered with stardust in the evenings.

The journey to Arabian Nights Resort and Spa in Oman is part of the story as you transfer through the timeless landscape from the last outpost to deep into the desert.

You are invited to enjoy a spa vacation at one of the most serene and beautiful destinations in the world- The Wahiba Desert. And, we invite you to take full advantage! Visit our Spa to cap off your perfect desert vacation. Our Spa’s spacious setting is surrounded by shady outdoors with hearty date palms and wild shrubbery abounds as a tiny oasis in the middle of the Wahiba Sands. Whether you indulge in one of our popular massage therapies using special extracts or enjoy a complete experience with our special combo packages designed exclusively to ensure that you will feel pampered and fully relaxed.

Come enjoy relaxation and well-being in a uniquely accommodating environment. Arabian Nights Resort and Spa’s on-site Arabian-inspired spa offers dozens of treatments both popular and unique in an expansive space complete with an adjacent pool to relax after. Our spa menu features indulgences, such as massages, wraps, facials, therapies, and more. In addition, our spa boasts a range of natural essence and oils on our massive menu of offerings that blends both locally sourced ingredients and science-backed products to give you a truely luxurious Omani Desert Spa experience, well as special packages with international offering such as ayurvedic therapies, combo deals and a la carte services. Whether you are searching for something to stimulate metabolism to increasing blood circulation to pain relief or to just unwind in the Wahiba Sands, we at Arabian Nights Resort and Spa have got something for everyone. There is a range of beauty and wellness offerings including pedicures, facials, hair spa to name a few. You are invited to explore the vast array of treatments being offered and book your desert spa experience in advance of your trip or while you're staying with us at Arabian Nights Resort& Spa.

The stay with minimalist-but-modern standalone suites with Arabic accents are situated around the resort facing out into the desert with some adjacent to the property’s pool, or a few steps from the dining area that’s even more magical under the moonlight. The roster of wellness offerings outside of treatments is also a boon, with multiple options like, chakra balancing, star gazing and more so that guests leave both well-relaxed and well-rounded.

Rihla Spa at the Arabian Nights Resort & Spa perfectly blends luxury, privacy, and great service to ensure you enjoy an unparalleled experience.